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Introduction: Hi im... ShadowJen (jenny) - Wiltshires Alternative Scene [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Introduction: Hi im... ShadowJen (jenny) [Sep. 23rd, 2006|07:01 pm]
Wiltshires Alternative Scene


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Ok so right now im introducing myself to myself but im hoping some bugger will join.

Im from Essex but got married like 18 months ago moved to N Ireland and then September 2005 moved to Bulford (Salisbury) yes that does make me married to an army dude.

I had quiet a busy social life when i lived in Essex what with London being only 45mins away and having quiet a few local clubs and pubs (alternative ones) in Essex. Plus i had quiet a few people i knew round that way so it was easy to know what was going on.

Since moving i did find some alt clubs in N Ireland, and i have found one in Southampton and some in Bath and Bristol. However im more interested in finding something a little closer to home and making some new friends what with husband being gone currently for 6 weeks and next year over 6 months...

So if you can let me know what there is round here id be ever so grateful rather than hauling my arss to London and Bristol etc (lots of money involved in that)

so yeah read my journal or my shitty myspak  to find out a bit bout me...

Huggles and BOOB HUGS to all who read this

Jenny  (ShadowJen)

PS if you do join please leave an into and piccy (if you know how)

Me in N Ireland

Me at Discord (Bath) im the one getting my arss licked w00T